Saturday, October 27, 2007

It's Been Ten Days and Time for a Review

Beautiful Katamari!

I am skeptical no longer! I used to be very anti-Katamari when I was in the naive mindset of any game that's not mature rated is terrible. However, this has changed for the greater good! I took the risk of playing Beautiful Katamari not knowing what to expect from this crazy game where you supposedly just roll things into large balls. Beautiful Katamari dons the storyline of having the "King of All Cosmos" playing tennis and hitting a tennis ball so hard into the sky, that it creates a black hole that you have to plug up with a supergiant star to save the cosmos. Ridiculous storyline? I know.

Katamari boasts some decent graphics, but not far off from the Playstation 2 Katamari games. It's somewhat ironic that the game is called "Beautiful Katamari" while the graphics aren't that much prettier. The high definition 720p and 1080i compatibility do make it look better though, but that is the case with any game in high def.

The gameplay is fantastic. While the gameplay is relatively simple, it serves to be a very addicting play type for any gamer that gets their hands on a controller. I somehow never got sick of rolling people into a large ball of various objects.

The game also has interesting loading and failure game enhancements, as well as a mini-game when you complete the game during the credits. This makes for goofy fun during all aspects of the game.

Overall this game receives a 8.2/10.

The graphics aren't fantastic, and the downloadable levels are just too expensive for a game that is well made, but won't hit the attention of a large enough audience to make the content that desirable. The single player is fun but perhaps too short. Always look for getting the full value of a game purchase out of the gameplay itself. The multiplayer is fantastic and even though the graphics aren't great, you really couldn't do much more to make it look like authentic Katamari.

Next up, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

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