Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day Three: Expo Floor is open!

So the Expo Floor has opened at GDC 2010 and there are a lot of booths to see.
A lot.
Somehow, I was able to see most of them and talk to the one's that held some relevance to next-gen gaming and I avoided the distributors and toolsets for the most part, with one exception.

CryEngine 3.  I can't go on enough how cool it is to be able to play and run around in your level on screen that's hooked up to the 360, and edit the level in real time on the PC client.  The two engines run side-by-side and there is minimal lag time between the two.

Another interesting find was the Action MMO, Tera.
It's being developed and tested in Korea, but being localized by En Masse in Seattle.
I had a lengthy talk with a Game Writer and their Community Manager about the features of the game, then I was shown it.  I got to check out the Lancer class first.  The Lancer class features a shield and pike wielding hero.  The pike can be used in real time to job through many enemies at once. (Emphasis on the MANY.)  There is also a nice active blocking system with the Lancer class, and it gives benefits to party members as well.  Whenever a lancer blocks, players located in a cone area behind him, gain his defensive benefits.

Anyways, so GDC Day Three is about to close and I'm going to be at the Developer's Choice Awards, but I'll leave you with a picture of one of, and my favorite, race in Tera.

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