Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wizard World Chicago

Guitar Hero: Bounty Hunter

The Darkness vs. Conan the Barbarian

Futurama Girls

Wizard World was a blast. Some once in a lifetime pictures to be had. Check out my art and the Kotaku article on my picture.

Here's the story of Boba...
I'm running the booth and see Boba Fett walk by.

Naturally, I have to get my picture with him.

After some more thinking before he had fully left my sight, I glanced at the Guitar Hero booth right next to mine.

(We have a phenomenal location. In between Guitar Hero, Futurama and the main autograph signing booths)

So I thought to myself, wouldn't it be an awesome picture to have Boba Fett on Guitar Hero?

I went to Boba and chat with him for a while, worked him a little bit.

We discussed his armor, which took years to make apparently, and the recent oppression of the Rebellion, etc. etc. Then I asked him... "So... Could I get a picture of you?"


"Could I get a picture of you with a Guitar Hero controller in your hand?"

"Um.. ok..."

"Could you stand up on that stage and look at the screen while the song's going?"


So I get Boba on the stage, take my picture, then before anyone else could snap a shot, he puts down the controller, the crowd releases a big "Awwww...." and he states "I'm far too busy hunting jedi to be playing Guitar Hero"

What a wonderful day.

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Harlequn said...

Hmmm If only you were able to find more art at the Con. Maybe something to the fact of Harle Vs. Deadpool? just a thought ;)